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Instead of inspiring me to celebrate women’s impact on the world, March made me realize how rarely successful women show up in news stories or historical references.  During March, every time I found myself on YouTube, a news site, my favorite blogs’ “links of the week” pages, I would come across biographical documentaries about famous women, news articles surrounding women leaders of today, and pieces dedicated to women’s minds instead of make-up tutorials.  I came away from March with three questions:

1. Why can’t it always be this way?

2. Does this mean that the world only values women and their contributions to society at 1/12 the value of men’s contribution?

3. Who am I to get upset?

I have decided to create this blog to broadly address these three questions.  I believe that only having a month dedicated to women’s history is a direct reflection of how society has come to view women and their worth, due to ignorance and blindly following tradition.  I am also, unfortunately, a part of this culture of ignorance.  While browsing the History Channel’s section of influential women, I only knew of the accomplishments of a few women on the list –  the most obvious ones like Amelia Earhart, Mother Teresa, and Queen Elizabeth I.  Therefore, this blog will serve the means of educating myself and others about the great value that women offer to the greater society.

And it will last for longer than a month.